Laredo Group Speakers

The Laredo Group provides exciting, motivational and subject-matter-expert speakers skilled and experienced at both their areas of expertise and the public speaking and presentation skills needed to excite and inform your audience. Laredo Group speakers receive rave reviews from audience members and meeting organizers alike.

The Laredo Group can provide:

  • Presentations from 20 Minutes to a Full Day+
  • Subject Matter Experts in Interactive Advertising
    • Individual or Multiple Speakers
    • Individual or Multiple Panel Participants
    • Moderators for Panels
  • Complete Panels with Presenters and Moderator

Subject Areas and Presentations include:

  • Integrate Digital into Traditional Businesses
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Marketing
  • Build & Selling Integrated Media Programs
  • Online Advertising and Marketing
  • Use Search Engines to Increase Sales
  • How to Buy Online Advertising
  • How to Sell Online Advertising
  • Use Online to Increase ROI Accountability
  • Sell Integrated Media Programs
  • Website Design Best Practices
  • Tough Selling in Hard Times
  • Time and Territory Management
  • How Buyers Buy Online Advertising
  • Sales Management in a Digital World
  • Create Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Extend Brands and Branding Online

Client Testimonial

“It was very helpful to get such a thorough rundown of all the technical aspects of the digital medium. It will give me the confidence to speak these things more intelligently as well as approach marketing ideas from a more strategic perspective.”

– Associate Director, Us Weekly